Terror in Paradise - Holidays under gunfire

It is all part of a treacherous strategy with multiple goals – the death of citizens of the detested States of the West, the weakening of the economies of the holiday destinations Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey against whose governments they are fighting, and whose populations are more easily radicalised in times of instability.

The Isles of the Queen

This 5 part documentary series visits the fascinating British Islands from a birds eye perspective and presents the landscapes from a new and unique vantage point.


The documentary film #MYESCAPE assesses the journey that refugees from Afghanistan, Syria and Eritrea chose to undergo, as the circumstances in their home-countries became increasingly unliveable.

What’s cookin

This series invites the viewer on a journey of discovery for all the senses, by looking into the kitchens of local families we immerse ourselves into the different cultures of Europe.

Splendour and Misery of the Last Tsarinas

From Catherine the Great (1729 – 1796) up until the last Russian Empress all the ‘Russian’ Tsarinas were, in fact, German. This was not because the path of true love led them straight to Petrograd, but the result of European power play at the highest level. Splendour and Misery of the Last Tsarinas, starting with Princess Charlotte (1798 – 1860), tells the dramatic stories of these young women – torn between strategic marriages, the longing for true love and the shackles of European power politics

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