The Equalizer

What will happen when modern champions compete against the legends of the past?

We send 5 top athletes back in time to compete against the heroes of the past. But they can’t use modern sports technology. They have to use the gear that was used back in the day.


The Isles of the Queen

This 5 part documentary series visits the fascinating British Islands from a birds eye perspective and presents the landscapes from a new and unique vantage point.

The Mystery of Mountain Herbs

The documentary series “The Mystery of Mountain Herbs” leads us into the legendary world of medicinal plants.


The documentary film #MYESCAPE assesses the journey that refugees from Afghanistan, Syria and Eritrea chose to undergo, as the circumstances in their home-countries became increasingly unliveable.

Gozo - One island, two opera houses

Grand opera in an unlikely setting. The small island of Gozo (right next to Malta) has 30,000 inhabitants and two opera houses. This means it has more opera per square kilometer than any other place in the world.

What’s cookin

This series invites the viewer on a journey of discovery for all the senses, by looking into the kitchens of local families we immerse ourselves into the different cultures of Europe.

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berlin producers is an umbrella company that represents five renowned documentary production houses from Germany and Austria on the international marketplace. berlin producers handles the distribution and co-production for all projects, supplying broadcasters worldwide with high quality and engaging factual content.