Ein Tag im Leben von… / A day in the life of… | Berlin Producers

Ein Tag im Leben von… / A day in the life of…

HD, 3 x 30 min. WDR/arte Autoren: Holger Preuße, Friederike Schlumbom, Claus Wischmann

This series will go behind the scenes of the unconventional lives of the young talented of today’s classical music. Freed from any performance anxiety or set list this programme will leisurely follow their everyday trials, tribulation, joys and even impromptu private performances.

The aim to is to present the artist in nature, away from the stage international music business. Once the pressure is taken off, it will be possible to gain an insight into the person behind the red velvet curtain not the persona that performs in front of it. The viewer will be given the opportunity to get to know the personality and character behind the artist and understand their art from a new, more intimate perspective.